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We have space for you and we are inviting you to visit our property. While other property owners offer bricks and mortar, we offer more.

We ask that you compare and evaluate us in the following areas:

Is your building owner active in your community?

Our building management team is an active member of the 17th Ward Planning Committee, and sponsors an annual Block Party for neighbors within a half-mile radius of our property.

Is your building owner interested in improving your business?

Our building management does not permit a competing business into this property without your permission. You will be introduced to other tenants, so that you can be included in their networking efforts.

Is your building owner helping you with your expenses?

Our leases provide for the payment of heating and air conditioning costs and regular electrical costs by the building owners

Is your building owner providing free parking?

Our property includes free off-site parking and street parking.

Is your current location in a major metropolitan area?

Our property is located within 15 minutes of six major commercial centers. And is the center of TWO MILLION potential clients!

Is your property owner invested in the building or are they preparing the property to sell?

Stewart Business Center ownership has been the same for 21 years and is planning for another 21 years.

Is your property owner providing onsite management and custodial personnel?

Our property provides full-time onsite personnel. We also will remodel your new space with our own maintenance people.

Tenants make the property. Anybody can provide space but we offer a business family with building ownership interested in the development of your business.

Please call Anita and schedule a visit. Meanwhile, browse through our website for more information.